Quantcast Table  1-1.Table  of  Equipment  Indicators

Table  1-1  is  a  listing  of  equipment  identification indicators.  You  can  use  this  table  and  the  radar nomenclature  to  identify  the  parameters  of  a  particular radar  set. If you use the table to find the parameters of an AN/FPS-35, you will see that it is a fixed (F) radar (P) for  detecting  and  search  (S).  The  AN  indicates Army/Navy and the 35 is the model number. Since no single radar system can fulfill all of the requirements   of   modern   warfare,   most   modern warships,  aircraft,  and  shore  installations  have  several radar  sets,  each  performing  a  specific  function.  A shipboard radar installation may include surface search and  navigation  radars,  an  air  search  radar,  a height-finding radar, and various fire control radars. Surface Search and Navigation The primary function of a surface search radar is to maintain a 360-degree search for all targets within line-of-sight distance from the radar and to detect and Table  1-1.—Table  of  Equipment  Indicators 1-6


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