Figure 1-4.—Front cover of an EIB. ENGINEERING INFORMATION BULLETIN (EIB) The EIB is a monthly, authoritative publication distributed to afloat and shore activities. It is a means of rapid  dissemination  of  advanced  hull,  mechanical, electrical,   electronic,   and   related   equipment information. The EIB contains information concerning Approved  beneficial  suggestions Electronic  field  changes Installation  techniques Maintenance  notes  and  practices Technical manual corrections, availabilities and distribution. Your ET shop should maintain a library of the EIBs for electronic systems for ready reference. It should also route all new EIBs to all personnel concerned with the topics for information and action. You   should   familiarize   yourself   with   the information  contained  in  these  periodicals.  By  doing  so, you will help keep yourself current with changes to 1-4 Figure 1-5.—Cover of  deckplate magazine equipment  and  procedures.  Figure  1-4  is  an  illustration of a front cover of an EIB. DECKPLATE Deckplate  is published bimonthly and is a technical periodical in magazine form. It is published by the Naval Sea  Systems  Command  (NAVSEA)  and  contains articles on design, construction, and repair of naval vessels  and  their  equipment  and  other  technical equipment and programs under NAVSEA command The  content  of  deckplate   is   considered   as information  intended  for  information  purposes  only.  Do not regard it as information that alters or supersedes official regulations, orders, or directives. Figure 1-5 illustrates the front cover of deckplate. AIMS NEWSLETTER The AIMS NEWSLETTER provides information to shipboard technicians and operators of AIMS systems. At present, it is printed only as needed. That is, when information is obtained and compiled by the Naval


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