Quantcast Chain and Band Printers

is capable of printing. If the printer is an 80-column printer, the drum has 80 characters on each line. The character drum is rotated at a high speed. As the desired character faces the paper, a print hammer for that column is activated or fired, forcing the paper and inked ribbon against the drum. The character on the drum is imprinted on the paper shown in figure 12-6. Normally,  the  hammer bank  contains  one  hammer for each character column of a line. If the printer has a capacity to print 132 columns, then the hammer bank will consist of 132 hammers. As a line is printed, each hammer is fired as the character to be printed in its column faces the paper. A drum printer prints one line of data for each rotation of the drum. Drum printers can print from 300 to 1,200 lines per minute, depending of the rotational speed of the drum and how fast the printer can setup to print the next line. Chain and Band Printers Chain printers use a print chain as a source of raised characters. The links of the chain are engraved character-printing  slugs. The chain is made up of several sections; each section contains one complete character  set. The print chain is rotated at a high rate of speed past the print positions (columns). As the desired character faces the paper, the print hammer for that column is fired, printing the character on the paper. Band printers work on the same principle as chain printers except that a scalloped, steel  print band is used instead of a print chain. Figure 12-7 illustrates part of the band printer’s print mechanism. To change the font (typeface) on a chain or band printer, you change the print chain or band. Character sets of the chain and band printers vary, but are typically 48 to 64 characters. Since hammers are of a fixed size, Figure  12-6.—Drum,  ribbon,  and  paper  relationship  during  printer  operations. 12-8


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