Quantcast Data Processing Set AN/UYK-20(V)

Figure  3-30.—Data  Processing  Set  AN/UYK-20(V). This  installation  consists  of  a  standard  cabinet containing   seven   assemblies:   a   summary   control panel,   frequency   synthesizer,   receiver-synchronizer, coder-modulator,   demodulator,   and   two   power supplies. Data Processing Set AN/UYK-20(V) The  AN/UYK-20(V),  figure  3-30,  is  a  general- purpose  processor  designed  to  meet  the  requirements of   small   and   medium   processor   applications   in shipboard or shore military facilities. The processor is used  in  the  CUDIXS,  NAVMACS,  SSIXS  (shore installations),  and  TACINTEL  subsystems. Data Processing Set AN/UYK-44(V) The AN/UYK-44(V), figure 3-31, was designed to meet  the  same  requirements  as  the  AN/UYK-20(V), and  to  use  AN/UYK-20(V)  software  with  minimum modifications. It is used in the TADIXS subsystem, Figure  3-31.—Data  Processing  Set  AN/UYK-44(V). 3-30


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