NAVMACS  and  TACINTEL  processors  for  message screening  and  printing.  (Refer  to  the  discussion  of these  two  systems.)  Weather  data  is  sent  directly  to printers after decryption. Ships not equipped with one or   both   of   these   systems   will   normally   output   the broadcast  to  teletypewriters. Fleet Broadcast Retransmission At   selected   shore   stations,   fleet   Broadcast message   traffic   is   retransmitted   on   hf   links.   These stations   receive   the   tdm   data   directly   via   cable   or satellite. CUDIXS/NAVMACS The   CUDIXS   subsystem   is   a   shorebased   in- stallation of processors and peripheral equipment that provides K link control of the network and processing at   shore   installations.   Figure   3-3   shows   a   typical CUDIXS  installation. NAVMACS   is   a   shipboard   message   processing system  that  automatically  guards  a  minimum  of  four broadcast    channels,    serves    as    an    automated shipboard   terminal   for   CUDIXS,   and   provides accountability    for    all    incoming    and    outgoing message   processing   needs   for   ships   of   the   fleet. NAVMACS  subscriber  terminal  equipment  is  similar  to CUDIXS terminal equipment. The  NAVMACS  program  is  designed  to  address the  growth  requirements  in  existing  installations  and the  unique  requirements  of  ships  having  a  high  volume of message traffic. In ships that have a message pro- cessing   and   distribution   system   (MPDS),   t h e NAVMACS  processor  interacts  with  the  MPDS  pro- cessor.  A  basic  NAVMACS  system  is  shown  in  fig- ure 3-4. NAVMACS   reads   the   headings   of   incoming message  traffic  and  separates  all  messages  addressed to the ship or commands for which it is guarding. The system  compares  every  addressee  on  each  incoming first run message against entries in its command guard list  (CGL).   When  the  system  finds  one  or  more matches  between  addresses  on  the  first  run  message and  the  entries  of  the  CGL,  the  message  is  printed (copied) onto a line printer. If an emergency or Flash precedence  message  on  a  first  run  is  received,  it  is printed   completely,   regardless   of   whether   or   not   a match  is  found.  For  nonmatches  of  messages  with precedence lower than Flash, only the heading of the message is printed. Together,   CUDIXS   and   NAVMACS   provide improved  ship-to-shore  and  shore-to-ship  operational Figure  3-3.—CUDIXS  equipment  configuration. 3 - 6


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