to  an  AN/SRA-33  or  OA-9123  antenna  coupler.  The coupler output is then fed to an antenna. Uhf Receive A basic block diagram of a uhf receive system is shown in figure 2-9. Most of the components are the same as those used in the transmit function. We will, therefore,   identify   by   specific   designator   only   the components  that  are  unique  to  the  receive  function. The receive signal is picked up by the antenna and fed to   the   receive   side   of   the   transceiver   through   the antenna   coupler.   The   receiver   output   is   connected to an SB-973/SRR receiver transfer switchboard. It is then connected to either the nonsecure or secure voice system,   depending   upon   the   received   transmission mode. When a nonsecure signal is received, the output of the  receive  transfer  switchboard  is  fed  to  either  the radio set control or to the AM-3729 speaker amplifier, or both, depending on user preference. If   a   secure   voice   transmission   is   received,   the output  of  the  switchboard  is  connected  to  the  secure voice equipment and decrypted. This output is fed to the   secure   voice   matrix.   The   secure   voice   matrix output is fed to the RPU, where the signal is converted back to its original form. SUPERHIGH-FREQUENCY COMMUNICATIONS As   we   discussed   in   the   previous   chapter,   two primary uses of the superhigh-frequency (shf) band are microwave   and   satellite   communications.   The AN/FSC-79   SHF   terminal   and   satellite   com- munications will be covered in the next chapter. In the following   paragraphs,   we   will   discuss   line-of-sight and  tropospheric  scatter  microwave  communications. MICROWAVE  COMMUNICATION SYSTEMS Microwave  systems,  such  as  the  AN/FRC-84  and AN/FRC-170(V),  are  used  to  relay  multiplex  signals from   point   to   point.   A   simplex   relay   system   pro- vides   one-way   communications   and   consists   of   a transmitting  terminal,  a  certain  number  of  repeaters, Figure  2-9.—Uhf  receive. 2-9


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