COMBAT SYSTEMS READINESS REVIEW (CSRR) The  Combat  Systems  Readiness  Review  (CSRR)  is a  comprehensive  program  developed  to  help  the  ship’s force achieve a high state of combat systems readiness for  deployment.  Implicit  in  this  goal  are  the  following objectives: .  To  assess  the  readiness  of  the  ship’s  combat systems material and personnel and to report the status  to  appropriate  seniors . To help ship’s force and IUCs correct material problems l  To  provide  on-the-job  training  for  ship’s  force personnel   and   to   improve   the   ship’s self-sufficiency ORDNANCE SPECIAL ASSISTANCE TEAM (ORDSAT) The Ordnance Special Assistance Team (ORDSAT) consists  of  several  technicians,  both  military  and civilian,  highly  trained  in  various  fire  control  systems. The team’s primary purpose is to instruct the ship’s force in   how   to   maintain   its   own   equipment,   thereby improving  its  battery  system  as  a  whole.  Ordnance equipment  includes: gun  battery,  gunfire  control, guided missile tire control, and underwater battery fire control systems. COMBAT  SYSTEMS  OPERATIONAL READINESS  EXAMINATION  (CSORE) The  Combat  Systems  Operational  Readiness Examination (CSORE) is an evaluation conducted in three phases by the ship’s IUC to determine the material readiness,  personnel  training  level,  and  logistic  support of the installed combat system. COMBAT  SYSTEMS  POST-OVERHAUI. EXAMINATION  (CSPOE) The  Combat  Systems  Post-Overhaul  Examination (CSPOE)  is  an  evaluation  of  the  combat  system readiness  and  training  of  the  ship.  It  provides prerequisite  testing  and  preparation  for  CSSQT,  WSAT, and RFT; evaluates equipment readiness and the ability of the ship’s force to light-off, operate and maintain equipment;  and  assesses  the  combat  system  technical training. COMBAT SYSTEMS SHIP QUALIFICATION  TRIALS  (CSSQT) The  Combat  Systems  Ship  Qualification  Trials (CSSQT) is a series of comprehensive tests and trials designed  to  show  that  the  equipment  and  systems included in the CSSQT program meet combat system requirements.  It  also  provides  training  and familiarization to ship personnel in maintaining and operating  installed  equipment,  identifies  design problems,  and  determines  deficiencies  in  support elements (for example, documentation, logistics, test equipment,  or  training). OVERALL COMBAT SYSTEMS OPERABILITY  TEST  (OCSOT) The  Overall  Combat  Systems  Operability  Test (OCSOT) is a Level 1 PMS test designed to provide the commanding  officer  with  an  operational  assessment  of the total combat system. COMBAT SYSTEMS IMPROVEMENT PROGRAM ADVISORIES (CSIPs) The  Combat  Systems  Improvement  Program advisories  (CSIPs)  are  numbered  advisories  used  by  the type commander to pass on to units lessons learned, recommendations,  and  specific  guidance  about  combat systems  requirements. COMBAT  SYSTEMS  INTEGRATED  TEST PLAN (CSITP) The  Combat  Systems  Integrated  Test  Plan  (CSITP) consists  of  detailed  procedures  for  conducting  all combat  system  tests  through  the  systems  level  during overhaul  (Combat   Systems   Test   and   Certification Manual, NAVSEA T9073-AB-TRQ-010]). COMBAT SYSTEM TEST TASK GROUP (CSTTG) The  Combat  System  Test  Task  Group  (CSTTG)  is made up of representatives from the ship’s force, the shipyard,  SUPSHIP,  and  other  commands,  as appropriate. This group monitors the CSITP (NAVSEA T9073-AB-TRQ-010). 4-10


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